In 2010, Andrea came across an article written by Apostle Theresa Harvard-Johnson.  She was immediately drawn by the distinctness of the writing and the authority it carried with it.  It was as if God allowed Apostle Johnson to write the article just for Andrea's eyes and ears (RHEMA).  Thereafter, Andrea sought out more of Apostle Johnson's material and found she had a ministry specific to scribes, Voices of Christ Resource Center  (Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International) and the Voices of Christ Apostolic Prophetic School of the Scribe where Apostle Johnson passionately teaches that scribes are much more than just writers.  

​Although Andrea had never met Apostle Johnson in person, little by little, God used her to instruct Andrea (by way of literary works) in scribal ministry. Answers manifested for long standing questions Andrea had been asking herself. “Why do I love words, what they mean, and how they are used?  Why is the way a pen or pencil writes such a big deal to me?  Why am I so inclined to journal and write everything down (details, time, and date)?  Why does it bother me if information is not presented in an orderly fashion?  Why does injustice move me to action mainly to write and speak against the injustice and rouse the appropriate people to action? Why do I loathe erroneous teaching of the Scriptures?  Why am I drawn to all things administrative?”  As the “WHY’s” married with their corresponding answers, Andrea found peace, hope, understanding, and most importantly, she connected with purpose. 

​Fast forward to October 2013.  Andrea's hunger and thirst for revelation concerning scribal ministry was expansive.  She desperately desired to attend something, anything hosted by Apostle Johnson and Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International to learn more. Previous attempts to attend a gathering were unsuccessful.  Nonetheless, when God deemed Andrea was ready and kairos knocked, she rushed to the door.  Andrea attended the 2013 Scribal Advance in McDonough, Georgia. During this destined, intimate, and awesome time of exchange, Father God exceeded her expectations. He thrust her over the proverbial edge into a calibrated mind and renewed passion. Needless to say, she left Georgia ready to finish several scribal assignments she allowed to linger as a result of fear and complacency. The primary assignments being to complete and publish Come Forth and to launch The Prophetic Pen, Andrea's scribal ministry. 

In October 2015, Andrea attended a second Scribal Advance.   Four months later, she began the 13 week Certificate to Teach The Scribal Anointing®, the revelation given by God to Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson.  She successfully completed the intensive training  and earned the certification.  

Since completing the CTT program, God has taken Andrea on a journey of discovery during which multiple scribal assignments have emerged. Nonetheless, The Prophetic Pen continues to serve as her blog (forthcoming), a platform for her published books, and a vehicle to teach various aspects of The Scribal Anointing® (forthcoming).

To communicate the heart and mind of God administratively, instructionally, and creatively as revealed through The Scribal Anointing® --- the revelation given by God to Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson.  Specifically, we aim to level the lies of the enemy, the world system, and the human spirit released in our sphere of influence that:

1.  Blind people to the love of Christ
2.  Attempt to twist and even rob them of their identity in Christ, and;
3.  Contend with their Kingdom purpose

About The Prophetic Pen