Andrea M. Renfroe is a scribe by the unmerited favor of God. According to Matthew 13:52, she is “a disciple instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven and like the head of a household, she brings out of her treasure (storehouse) things that are new and fresh and things that are old and familiar.” God has given Andrea the ability to skillfully create with her pen and boldly speak with her voice (both weapons of warfare) to express His heart and mind, to encourage the oppressed, to bring liberty to the bound, and to present paradigm shifts where old patterns have caused stagnation.

​As a child, Andrea was quiet and withdrawn.  Although her tongue was bound, her pen was not.  She used it as a safe and productive means to process her thoughts and to clearly communicate what was happening to her and to others.  Over the years, God strategically engineered and used trials and tribulations to develop Andrea's character and to solidify her testimony.  His purpose was to develop her into a tried mouthpiece fit for His use.  When God loosed her tongue, Andrea committed to heralding His heart and mind not just by way of writing, but also with her voice through intercession, teaching, preaching, and prophetic declaration.

Andrea is a proven servant-leader.  She has operated in various capacities in ministry to include choir, usher board, youth/young adult ministry, hospitality, administration, finance, intercessory prayer, and leadership. 

In addition to her ministry experience, Andrea is also a professional. She is a Marine having served 11 plus honorable years on active duty as a military police officer and auditor. In 2004, she separated from the Marine Corps and worked as a staff auditor for the Air Force Audit Agency where she remained until 2015. Two years prior to her resignation, Andrea founded Kingdom Ventures LLC, a single-source consulting firm where she acquaints people, businesses, and organizations with their potential. Her professional credentials include an undergraduate degree in accounting and a Masters in Business Administration. Moreover, she is in the process of becoming a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team. 

Armed with extensive spiritual and practical training, Andrea is committed to completing the work Father God has anointed and sent her to do (John 4:34).

Andrea is a Syracuse, NY native. She resides in Waldorf, MD with her husband Telly, of 22 years whom she has two beautiful children with, A’Mia and Telly Jr. You can reach Andrea via her websites, FB pages, and email:


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