The analogy of Come Forth

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Come Forth: From the Shadows into View  

​A Poetry Collection  

Do you feel God is trying to tell you something important, whether it is through the dialogue you share with Him, the circumstances you are in or the people you associate with? Feeling the same pull from the Heavenly Father, Andrea subsequently used poetry to communicate what He was revealing to her and as a tool to prompt self-analysis among Christian readers. 

​Come Forth
, is a dual-purpose poetry compilation.  Its contents journey into the scriptural truths of loving others in word and deed, standing up for the cause of Christ within the church and allowing transformation to occur in one’s life.  It also speaks of Andrea’s triumphant testimony, highlighting how God exposed her weaknesses and influenced her to see and understand that a Christian is someone who is tested before they can effectively minister and follows before they can truly lead.  Andrea ultimately found that before she could release Come Forth, she had to first experience Come Forth.   

We’ve all had good, bad, and ugly experiences in life.  We’ve also observed the experiences of others whether up front or from afar.  No matter our connection to the experience, we were inspired in one way or another.  Inspiration can emerge from a relationship, an event, a song, a picture, a movie, a smell, or even a sound. Despite the medium that prompts inspiration, it’s the result of the inspiration that matters most.  

Inspired was birthed from Andrea’s experiences with and observations of others. It is also a tribute to each person who served as a source of inspiration for its content. Although some narratives and poems do not reflect beautiful or pleasant situations, the messages they carry are intended to give readers hope and inspire them to live abundantly, love unconditionally, and know Christ intimately.

Inspired:  A Narrative and Poetry Collection


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Picture a woman who's had a hard time conceiving.  Once she conceives, she has a difficult time carrying and birthing the baby.  When the baby finally arrives, he is tiny yet alive.  His size is in no way indicative of his impact, which is manifold.  His existence gives his mother confidence that she can in fact conceive, carry, and deliver a whole and healthy baby. Furthermore, his time in the womb prepares it (the womb) to accommodate and produce more children.  

​This is the analogy of Come Forth. It took years before I came to believe I could or would ever write a book.  Once I embraced it, I endured a very long, difficult but necessary transformation process.  Although this book is a short read and not quite what some would deem a book of stature by industry standards, Come Forth is the vehicle God used to fertilize my scribal womb.   It is the first fruit of many published assignments to come.  I am confident Come Forth will catch the ears of those it is called to touch and the words therein will minister to each one of them accordingly.    ​

​With great expectation,​